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“I know we haven’t spoken for a while But I was thinkin bout you, And it kinda made me smile So many things to say And I’ll put em in a letter ,Thought it might be easier. Did you know I kept all of your pictures Don’t have the strength to part with them yet. Don’t you know I’ve tried and I’ve tried To get you out my mind But it don’t get no better As each day goes by And I’m lost and confused I’ve got nothin to lose Hope to hear from you soon… P.S. I’m still not over you. ”

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SNSD’s 7 versions of “Heol! Daebak sageon!”

#1 Embarrassed ver. by Jung #2 “This is how the chodings do it” ver. by DdilPani #3 Legato ver. by Yoongie #4 Confident ver. by HyoSic #5 Real choding ver. by Im Choding #6 Ladylike ver. by Miss Im Yoona #7 DAEBAK ver. by Dorky Shidae [feat. Laughing Sunkyu & JummaTaeng]

3,849 plays

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Yoona pretending to be a hoobae (junior)

(Source: kakkaiwa)

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Ayo, YoonFany’s chapter is finally here.

Title: Redamancy
Chapter 30; Tiffany meets Yoona
No. of words: 4k++

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au meme; yoonfany - redamancy: upcoming chapters

title: constancy
i resisted but still,
my mind betrays me
as i think about
kissing you
touching you
loving you.

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The saddest people smile the brightest.

Yoona grew up without a mother while Tiffany lost hers when she was in middle school.

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au meme; redamancy -> coming soon chapters

she tied her hair again

she styled her hair that way again

she is so pretty, it hurts

my eyes welled up

because I still love her

and I can’t stop

i just can’t stop

- tiffany
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